• Sunday, March 1, 2015

     At the Wednesday morning Men’s Midweek Fellowship Group meeting at Caravan Coffee, the topic came up concerning several classes offered recently at our church that have stimulated considerable interest:  (1) the CROWN Financial Class offered last fall; and (2) the ALPHA Marriage Course currently meeting in the Chapel for the next several weeks.  Obviously these courses have touched a chord in the lives of many as both were fully enrolled in less than a week of promotion in our congregation.


          Another topic discussed briefly by the Men’s Group this past Wednesday was The Retirement Years.  More specifically, we all shared stories and experiences of caring and supporting our aging parents.  This is another subject near and dear to me right now, and one so many in our congregation are facing either as the aging parent or the child responsible for providing safe, appropriate and affordable care.


          Financial Stewardship, Marriage Enrichment, Retirement Planning!  I am embarrassed and disappointed in myself (after 23 years of ministry!) for not addressing these crucial issues more directly which are discussed continually in The Church yet we as The Church do very little education and teaching when it comes to helping each other address them from the perspective of “How To” preparation and planning.  So often we just assume making a decision at some time in our lives to become a Christian means we are likewise immediately “imputed with knowledge” as to what such a commitment means in terms of money, marriage and the mature years.  Unfortunately, I must confess to you as your pastor that today I find myself struggling with all three of these issues and realize how “ill-prepared” I really am!


          Are you like me?  If so, be assured that I share your struggle, and in doing so I promise we as The Church will not continue to neglect the need to speak in an understandable and helpful way on all of these issues from now on.  And surely one way to honor this promise will be for our church to continue to offer on a regular basis the CROWN Financial Class and the ALPHA Marriage Course, and also to put together a similar educational opportunity to provide guidance in planning and caring for those facing and coping with The Retirement Years.


          This Sunday will be our re-scheduled Annual Meeting and Covered Dish Lunch immediately following Worship.  I look forward to seeing you then as we continue our Lenten Journey to the cross and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    God's grace and peace to you!

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