• Palm Sunday, March 29, 2015


         Holy Week begins this weekend with our Palm Sunday Worship at 10:30 involving our children processing with palm branches and the Worship leadership of the High School and Sanctuary Choirs presenting the Holy Week cantata “Canticle of the Cross” by Joseph M. Martin. Following Worship the entire congregation is invited to participate in our first “Parade of Palms” to Stowe Manor where we will enjoy refreshments and the annual Easter Egg Hunt. Each child is asked to bring his or her Easter basket (without grass) in order to participate in the hunt.

         The late William Sloane Coffin, passionate preacher and activist and former Pastor of New York’s Riverside Church, once wrote:

    Though the sky on Palm Sunday was bright without a cloud, [Jesus] knew the throne awaiting him was a cross… Yet – and this is truly remarkable – he loved people when they were least lovable… When I think of how he never lost his love for the perpetrators… when I think of the supreme courage, the depth of tenderness and passionate anger Jesus displayed on this one day alone, I realize why Palm Sunday is so important.

         We will continue to celebrate this most significant week in the Christian calendar with a Maundy Thursday Communion Service at 7:00 p.m. in the Taizé tradition that will include Scripture reading by several members of our 2015 Confirmation Class and communion by Intinction. On Good Friday the Belmont Ministers’ Association will once again sponsor the annual “Stations of the Cross Walk” down Main Street beginning at The Lutheran Church of the Holy Comforter at 12 noon and ending on our church’s front lawn.

         It is hard to believe the final days of March have arrived with the beginning of Holy Week announcing that Easter is already upon us! It seems just like yesterday we were celebrating Advent, Christmas and Epiphany! Yet I can think of nothing more meaningful for all of us to do than to come to Worship as children this Palm Sunday, join the throng of believers who welcomed Jesus into Jerusalem, and then follow Him to the Garden of Gethsemane on Maundy Thursday and to the cross on Good Friday as the only way to experience once again the bright dawn of Easter morning and the good news of the Kingdom of God breaking in to each of our lives.

    God's Grace and Peace to you!

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