• April 26, 2015

     From the Pastor...

              Once again our church is offering the CROWN Financial Course as a resource for assisting individuals and couples in the management of money according to the guidelines and principles identified in Scripture from both Testaments and especially the teachings of Jesus. I am taking the course myself having been raised in The Church and heard/learned the Christian perspective on personal finances all my life, yet having never taken an intentional course to assist me in this important responsibility. In fact, my primary lessons on the subject of "giving" come primarily from the examples of those with the deepest influence on my life from childhood to my years now as an adult. Such mentors include my late grandmother (my mother’s mother), my late father-in-law (Mary’s dad) and an elder from my previous church in Lumberton who owned his own insurance agency and made "giving" the basic calling of his entire life.

              I have always known "giving" was important, but I have tended to follow the principle of "giving out of my abundance" once everything else has been paid. What my mentors have taught me, however, is the joy and contentment of"giving as I receive" and even striving to be more faithful and "give first in response to all I receive." I have never forgotten my father-in-law’s struggle when he lost his job the year Mary and I were married in 1982. Yet through those difficult months Mary’s parents quietly taught us lessons we have never forgotten.

              It is my nature to resist "focusing" too much on money (as important as it is!), and spending 10 weeks concentrating on personal financial habits promises to be a real challenge for me. Yet what I have already learned from the first CROWN Financial Course class last Sunday night ("The 5 Foundational Principles") is well worth the commitment required for the next two months:

         1 God owns everything.

         2. We are to be faithful managers of all God entrusts to us.

         3. Invite God to take control of your finances.

         4. Faithfulness with money requires self-control and God provides it.

         5. Celebrate each step as you make steady progress.

               I hope I will be able to memorize these principles over the next few weeks. More importantly, I pray I will be able to live more intentionally with respect to my personal "giving" by striving to follow them.


    God's Grace and Peace,




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