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  • August 23, 2015

           Our ancient ancestors in the faith had to go to great lengths to communicate with each other. Today we see this fish symbol everywhere but in the early years of Christianity, persecuted Christians used it as a symbol to identify a safe place where fellow Christians could gather to worship in secret.      When we want to learn about Jesus Christ, we read our bibles - or if we don’t have one we can buy - or even download one from the internet.   More...

  • Sunday August 16, 2015

      I Put Them to Sleep!      I concluded our Weekday School Summer Camp Chapel this past Wednesday with a question and an apology. The question: “How many of you have ever fallen asleep in church?” The apology: “I apologize for putting you to sleep this morning in Chapel!”      As I am often reminded from a Senior Sunday a few years ago, I do have a tendency to “drone on and on” when I speak, prompting a loss of focus by the congregation having to endure my “dro...  More...

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