Safety Committee

To volunteer for any of these opportunities, please click on the name after the word "Contact" (the name is in gray) to directly email the person responsible. That person will contact you with more information.

Welcome Team member

Description: Help deacons with welcoming and ushering, opening front and back doors, walking the parking lot to help with directions and assist with other needs.

Time: Sunday morning from 8:00 am until the end of the 10:30 worship service on a rotating basis; at least once per month, more if you choose.

Contact: Bob Decker

Safety Committee member

Description: This opportunity is for a member with law enforcement, military or security experience to help us make our church both accessible and secure.

Time: 1 meeting per month on a week night

Contact: Bob Decker

Medical Volunteer

Description: We want to identify those in our congregation who have medical training (physicians, physician assistants, nurses, etc) and would be willing to help in the event of an emergency during Sunday School or worship. Please click below to add your name to the list.

Time: as needed

Contact: Bob Decker

Children and Youth Check-in: Sunday School

Description: This is for an adult or a youth who would set up the ACS computer to check in children and youth for Sunday School. The system does most of the work; you will need to print security badges for infants, toddlers and their parents.

Time: arrive 30 minutes before Sunday School to set up the computer near the Infant-Toddler Room, and during Sunday School, as often as you wish.

Contact: Bob Decker

Children and Youth Check-in: Worship

Description: This is for an adult or youth volunteer to check in our younger children as they go to their classrooms for the worship service. The volunteer sets up the computer check-in system about 10 minutes before worship begins and checks-in the children. The system does most of the work, you will just need to enter the classrooms and ensure that all children in the Infant, Toddler and PAWS rooms are checked in and security badges are on them and their parents. When all children are checked in, the volunteer shuts down the laptop and returns it to the Church Office workroom.

Time: 30- 45 minutes on Sunday morning, as often as you choose

Contact: Bob Decker