We are offering morning classes for children ages two, three, four, and five years of age. To be eligible for these classes, the child’s birthday must be on or before August 31st. Threes (M-F), Fours and Fives must be potty trained in order to participate in these classes. All programs will run from 8:30 am-12:00 noon operating on the Gaston County School schedule. Our tuition rates are below:

2018-2019 PRESCHOOL tuition rates

Monthly Tuition:

Twos- perfecting potty training (Tu/Th)             $210.00 monthly

Threes- perfecting potty training (M/W/F)        $225.00 monthly

Threes- completely potty trained (M-F)             $285.00 monthly

Fours- completely potty trained (M-F)               $285.00 monthly 

Fives- completely potty trained (M-F)               $285.00 monthly    

Initial Registration Fee: $85.00 per child, non-refundable