Fellowship Opportunities

To volunteer for any of these opportunities, please click on the name after the word "Contact" (the name is in gray) to directly email the person responsible. That person will contact you with more information.

Fellowship Committee

Description:  Members of the committee plan activities for the year, menus for Fellowship Suppers and other fellowship opportunities.

Time: 1 to 1 1/2 hour meeting on the first Monday evening of the month, plus time to help with events as you choose

Contact: Church Office

Lenten Luncheons

Description: Lenten luncheons are held from 12:00 pm - 12:50 pm for 5 Thursday afternoons during Lent; planning begins in December. Volunteers are needed to chair the committee, choose the theme and the Bible verse, secure speakers, set tables the morning of the lunch, bake cakes to serve 12 people, help cut cakes, prepare sandwiches, cook and ladle soup into bowls, serve individual tables, pour tea, clean up afterwards and launder tablecloths, collect money and greet guests. 

Time: day of the luncheon: soup cooking begins at 8:30, most of the other tasks take about 30 minutes each and volunteers are needed anytime between 10:00-1:30. Sandwiches are prepared the day before the luncheon and takes 1- 2 hours. Clean up takes about 1 hour. You may choose to help simply by providing a cake and bringing it to church. You can help for one or more luncheons.

Contact: Tricia Decker

Lemonade on the Lawn

Description:  Takes place after the 10:30 worship service on Sunday morning. You may volunteer for one Sunday to provide 7 dozen cookies (store bought or homemade), put Goldfish in cups, make the lemonade, set up the tables, and clean up afterwards. 

Time: You may volunteer for 1 or more Sundays. Set up before or during Sunday School or during worship.  Takes about 30 minutes prior to and after worship service.

Contact: Tricia Decker

Rally Day Breakfast

Description: The day before the breakfast- volunteers set tables, prepare pans and utensils for cooking, prepare casseroles at home and provide fruit. The morning of the breakfast- casseroles are cooked at home or brought to church to be cooked there. Coffee is made, juice poured, French toast sticks, bagels cooked, casseroles cut and served. Help with clean up.

Time: the day before- about 1 hour; the day of the breakfast- from 8:00 am until 45 minutes after breakfast to clean up. You may volunteer for 1 or more of these tasks

Contact: Church Office

Football Meals

Description: Each year we make a meal for the South Point and Stuart Cramer High School JV and Varsity football teams. The South Point dinner is at the church. The day before, volunteers grocery shop and prep the food. The day of the dinner, volunteers set up tables, help cook and serve the meal, pour drinks and clean up. The Stuart Cramer dinner is at the high school. Volunteers order sandwiches from Subway, grocery shop for bananas, cookies and chips and pack up the boxes. A representative from Stuart Cramer picks up the boxes.

Time: South Point- about 1 hour the day before; day of dinner volunteers needed from 2:30 pm - 5:00pm. Stuart Cramer- about 2 hours from 1:00 pm- 3:00 pm.

Contact: Church Office

Reception for New Officers Ordination and Installation

Description:  Bake or provide cookies, prepare the punch, set up tables in Gathering Area, put out cookies, put ice in cups and pour punch, clean up afterwards.  

Time: 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after worship, and/or time to bake cookies

Contact: Church Office

Agape Feast- Maundy Thursday

Description: Catered dinner. Volunteers dish up food into serving bowls, serve tables, and clean up.

Time: about 4 hours day of event

Contact: Church Office

Joy Luncheon, Church Picnic

Description:  The day before, volunteers are needed to set tables and make tea.  Volunteers needed on Sunday to collect and heat food (9:30 am), put food out on serving tables about 15 minutes before worship is over, clean up after the meal. 

Time: The day before- about 1 hour. The day of the event- about 3 hours.

Contact: Church Office