Day School

Our Day School offers full day classes for children who are six weeks old until Kindergarten. Our operating hours are Monday through Friday, from 6:30 am to 6:00 pm, 52 weeks per year with the exception of 10 scheduled holidays and days out due to inclement weather. 

We use the Creative Curriculum, a developmentally appropriate, child centered, and thematic program. It is designed to build self esteem, stimulate curiosity for learning, encourage creativity and instill a life long love of learning in your child. Our pre-schoolers attend chapel in the sanctuary on Wednesday mornings from 9:15-9:30 am. Our pastor, Reverend Sam Warner, our Director of Christian Education, Robin Russell and our Music Director Suzanne Fairbairn lead the children in bible stories and songs. 



Registration Fee                           $70.00

Annual Parent Fee                        $70.00

School Age Activity                     $120.00


Weekly Tuition Fees

Infants                                    $180.00

Young Toddlers                       $175.00

Older Toddlers                        $175.00

Young 2 year olds                    $170.00

Older 2 year olds                $170.00

3 year old                               $165.00

4 year old                               $165.00

5 year old                               $165.00

Young After School                  $90.00

Older After School                   $90.00

Summer Program                     $130.00