"How weighty to me are your thoughts, O God, how vast are the sum of them! I try to count them- they are more than the sand; I come to the end- I am still with you."

Faith Formation takes place over a lifetime. Scripture that meant one thing to us in our youth, takes on new meaning as adults. We never come to the end of God's word; it is always new! There is something new every day so we offer classes to address different learning styles and faith needs.

Click here for the Adult Education Fall 2017 Schedule

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sunday school

Our Chapel Class has a lecture/discussion format and uses The Present Word Uniform Lesson Series curriculum. This fall, we will study the sovereign nature of God as seen through the visionary images of the authors of Isaiah, Hebrews and Revelation.

Parents of children from preschool 4 years old through 5th grade can attend Family Sunday School with their children. This is an interactive, fun class that teaches children and adults the historical background and meaning of Bible stories and how the stories impact their daily lives.

The Credo Class is a discussion based class that examines the facts surrounding a recent news event and then looks at it through the lens of scripture; asking the question, "How should we as Christians respond?" The class is provocative and discussions lively but with respect for all viewpoints.

The Life Applications Class focuses on deepening our relationship with God through practical application of the biblical text. The typical class will take one passage of scripture, one story, mine that story and bring out its truths. We then explain it, illustrate it and discuss how to apply it. As we apply these truths in our lives, we will have Life, and have it more abundantly. 

small groups

Our small groups are about fellowship, bible study and service. Our women can join fellowship circles, a Wednesday morning bible study and Moms Connect, a group for moms of all ages, led by Reverend Daria Ragan. Men can attend a quick Wednesday morning fellowship at Caravan Coffee with Reverend Sam Warner, and a Saturday morning Men's Breakfast with devotion. We offer special short term classes on marriage and parenting. Our Young at Heart group is a fellowship group mostly for older adults. Sam also leads a book discussion group on Wednesday evenings. 

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community bible study

CBS is a non-denominational bible study designed to be a caring environment that supports each member as we engage God’s Word personally and corporately. The interconnectedness with the Lord through his Word and with others brings spiritual growth and transformed lives. With a detailed yet simple study workbook, pondering a few midweek questions and a short discussion group time culminating in a relevant and inspirational teaching once a week we deepen our relationship with God. Please click here for more information about CBS. To register, contact Stephanie Nixon, stephnixon@bellsouth.net, 704-502-4165